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Last updated: 20/02/2024

Next update due: 01/03/2024 - February MOTM


Season 22/23

Winner Runner-up
Sigmund Freud Division One Man And His Son (martin gordon) Brushstroke Beavers (Mike Hogan)
Clement Freud Division Adams Arse 'N' Allstars (Adam Gordon) AC Contorni (Peter Hill)
Emma Freud Division Born Toulouse (Nathan Thomas-Peter) Imp Rovers (Pauline Harris)
Lucian Freud Division Klich Bait (Andreas Gill) EMS Angels (Gary Walker)
Bella Freud Division Grytviken FC (chris bell) Monosil Argyle (Caretaker Manager)
Winner Runner-up
Freud Egg Cup Carterarmy (Chris Carter) Monosil Argyle (Caretaker Manager)
Sigmund Freud League Cup Racing Gonk (Mike Thornberry) Robchester Rovers (Rob Vickers)
Clement Freud League Cup Goals Goals Goals (Rob Vickers) Team Ginge (Darren Reeks)
Emma Freud League Cup Massive Attack (Ed Cate) Carroll On Without Ashley (Jason Scott)
Lucian Freud League Cup Moonrakers (Donald Gallagher) Donna's Dreamers (donna chapman)
Bella Freud League Cup Exminster Harriers (Mike Thornberry) Obi Wan - Kenobi Nil (Jason Scott)
Phil Randles Champions Cup One Man And His Son (martin gordon) Adams Arse 'N' Allstars (Adam Gordon)
Sigmund Freud Play-Offs Dial M For Merthyr (ALED GETHIN)
Clement Freud Play-Offs Potters (Rob Walker)
Emma Freud Play-Offs Pork Vale (Aaron Haynes)
Lucian Freud Play-Offs Robbo Rovers (Chris Oak)
Bella Freud Play-Offs Exminster Harriers (Mike Thornberry)