Freudian Dream League - Rule Book

Team Squads
The first 16 players you sign for your team will be allocated to your First Team squad; any subsequent players will be deemed a 'Player Transfer' regardless of whether they are placed into your Reserve Squad or used to replace an existing First Team player (see 'Transfers' )

Your First Team squad should be made up of 16 players, as follows:

  • a minimum of 2 players categorised as a goalkeeper
  • a minimum of 5 players categorised as a defender
  • a minimum of 5 players categorised as a midfield player
  • a mimumum of 3 players categorised as an attacker
  • an additional player of any category

A player may be included in your First Team squad, provided that it does not already include 3 or more players from the Premier League team with whom the player is registered.

(NB: Your squad may comprise more than 3 players from the same team if a player transfers between Premier League teams after he was added to your First Team squad.)

Any player, regardless of his playing position or the Premier League team for whom he plays, may be added to your Reserve squad. A player may be moved from your Reserve squad to your First Team squad at any time, provided that the criteria for eligible First Team squads remain satisfied.

A player replaced in your First Team squad will be added to your Reserve squad, where he may be retained for the duration of the season. Alternatively, he can be returned back into the player pool. However, in this case any subsequent signing of the player will be deemed a separate transfer.

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