Freudian Dream League - Rule Book

Match Score
The team score in a Dream League match will be calculated as the number of goals scored by your players in the Premier League game minus the number of goals conceded by your goalkeeper. In cases where your goalkeeper has conceded at least one goal, each clean sheet achieved by a defender may negate one of the goals conceded, until the number of goals conceded has been reduced to zero. Any 'own goal' scored by your players will count as a goal scored by your opponent.

Where the final number of goals conceded is greater than the number of goals scored, the difference will be added to your opponent's team score.

If neither of your goalkeepers plays in the Premier League game, then the number of goals conceded will be the aggregate of the goals conceded by the Premier League teams to which your goalkeepers belong. After applying the normal 'substitution' rules, if a period of the game is not covered by one of your goalkeepers then the sum of the goals conceded by your goalkeepers' teams during that period will be applied.

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